Trenching Machines TM4832

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The reasons for using Trenchers

The trenchers are used for agricultural, sports drainage purposes. At construction sites, where civil engineering trenching requirements arise then the ATF-trenchers are used. For installing land drains in a cost effective way, the ATF machines are used.

Agricultural or land drainage is necessary so that the soil does not remain saturated. This allows the crops to grow. Trenching is used to improve the fertility of the land. In the context of agriculture, effective trenching increases the crop production. The trenching process facilitates the collection, transportation as well as the removal of water away from the crops, resolving the issue of water logging. The trenching issues are resolved by using the AFT 100 agricultural drainage devices.

Technical features of the Trencher

The trenching devices are neat and quite cost-effective in providing high speed trenching. The devices have changeable digging widths that range from 125 to 440 mm. The machine can dig to a depth of more than 1.2m. The trenching device can be fitted with a heavy digging chain that have blighted teeth ideally suited to dig the stony soil. The machine can be turned 360 degrees, thereby giving the user convenience in trenching.

The relevant websites mention in detail the features of trenching equipments

Besides the agricultural or land trenching devices are available sports turf drainage equipments. Our equipments are used to trench sport fields, golf courses, parks. The civil engineering trenching uses heavy duty machines to cut the narrowest trench size. It helps to improve the operational productivity and at the same time reduce the labor, back fill material cost. In this context, there are a number of machines that are effective for trenching purposes.

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