MicroFOK machines – Micro Fiber Blowing Machines

Fiber Optic Cable diameter range : 3mm-6mm

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Duct groups :

  • Adjustable for your request.

MicroFOK machine designed for small diameters of fibre optic cables. Cable ranges between 1mm to 6mm. Easy to cable blowing methods for micro cables.

We have 2 kind of Cable Blowing Machines for micro cables.

1- MicroFOK

2- ElectroFOK

Microfok Microjet Cable Jetting Machines 2 fiber cable installation

Microfok Cable Jet Machineting Machines

MicroFOK : Micro Fibre optic cable Cable Blowing Machines
CONTROL : By technician
NEEDED AIR : 8 bar 6 m³/min.(minimum)
Dimensions  : 33cm x 27cm x 46cm
Weight : 20kg


Our is the exclusive authorized producer and vendor of fibre optic cable blowing machine (FOK) in the world. KOSMAK Co. has patent (NO:TR 2007 01074 Y) for special FOK design. All subcontractors of companies uses our fok machines.

We improve our FOK with feedbacks from FOK users. We make it more useful for our customers SINCE 1999.

More less 9.000 km fibre optic cable installed with our FOK in last project named TELLCOM in Turkey. We want to share our FOK with the whole world.

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