MicroDuct Blowing Machine – Fibre optic cable blowing machines

Fiber optic cable diameter range : 9mm-24mm

Belt groups (Pallets) :

  • 9mm-13mm / 13mm-18mm / 18mm-24mm

Duct groups :

  • 20mm – 32mm – 40mm – 50mm or
    Adjustable for your request.

Our Machines is designed to blow cable and tubes in ducts. You need to change palette group and some parts to modify machine from tube blowing to cable blowing or reverse.

Machine is working with hydraulic power unit because motors on the machine are working with compressed hydraulic oil. You can use our hydraulic power unit with Machine . Hydraulic motors are making this machine powerfull then other design also in Machine all air is sending in duct so that cable blowing with Machines easier then blowing with machine (in machine machine some of the air is using in air motors).

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