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7 TONS - Cable Pulling Winches Capstan

About this product Reel Lift – download, hydraulic system, can be made with hand-driven pump. As labor savings from staff and also a lot faster and a healthy control cable offers the ability to shoot. With a towing vehicle will take you to the desired location and stand here at the task of seeing the laying of the cable allows.

This Hydraulic Reel Stand carriying capacity can be up to 8000 kg. and reel diameter 1500mm. You can see other specifications below. If you have any extra informations please feel free to Contact Us.

The Hydraulic Reel Stand is designed to work exclusively with Hydraulic Reel Stand. Manufactured of high grade steel tubing for maximum strength and durability. The Hydraulic Reel Stand comes standard with a hydraulic negative brake that provides maximum personnel and conductor safety.

All of our products is own manufactures and origin of machines Turkey. The unique design allows for easy loading and unloading.

 Hydraulic Reel Stand


Carrying Capacity 

Can receive Reel Width Move the Maximum Reel Diameter



7.000 –8.000 kg


3.000 cm

1.200 kg


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