Hydraulic Cable Pulling Winches – 8TONS

Power cable 8000kg towing capacity, this machine is the most important feature is the possibility of adjusting the cable pulling force.

Although tensile strength 8000kg If the precision and, for example, if we have a cable with 2000 kg if it is desired to withdraw from the machine by adjusting the tensile strength of 2000 kg is able to come to power on the cable can prevent more than that.
Hydraulic Cable Pulling Vinches.

ANT has 24 hp diesel engine. 12 mm is 500 mt of steel wire rope. Fully hydraulic system works with

It is very easy to use and perfect.

Cable Pulling Winches

  • Model
  • Engine HP
  • Tensile Strength
  • Rope Length
  • Weight
  • Hydraulic AAL8T
  • 24 hp
  • 8000 kg/kw
  • 500 m
  • 1000 kg

Cable Pulling Vinches Manufacturer from Turkiye

What makes the Cable Pulling Winches the most demanded in the international market?

In a time wherein there are millions of brands for Cable Pulling Winches, the respect and reputation that our brand enjoys, should not be expected to have come by chances. Going through the article, you would get to know the features that make the products the most reliable in the international market.

A reputable manufacturer would ensure the highest qualitative standing on its products 

The Cable Pulling Winches from a reliable manufacturer  comes with assured qualitative standing that addresses the needs of clients most robustly. Companies have been  adhering to the best quality grades and they have  always undertaken a no-compromise policy on our products. Aside, the winches come portable, lightweight, and they have the capacity to produce pull at high speed. From day one of thebusiness, grades of winches had never been a problem for us. It is the superlative quality of the winches that are  manufactured that had been one of the most significant factors beyond success and all companies  committed to stick to this principle in the years to come.

The products are technically robust to suit the varied requirements

Winches that pull cable comprise of several categories, each of which serve exclusive and separate purposes. You can not expect that you buy a winch of a certain category and can use it to accomplish the purposes that stand different from the features of the winch you brought. Thus, you require buying the piece that is ideally meant to serve the purposes that are critical and important to you. As the premiere winch manufacturer, companies have the widest scopes of products in the  portfolio for which no matter the specific needs the client holds, he can expect to get the piece that he ideally needs. Getting all the probable types of mechanism under one roof makes it easier for the client to get the products easily and without having to waste time unnecessarily seeking for the products.

One of the hallmarks of our products is that we modify the basic specifications in a style that the client gets the perfect features that would serve their needs the best. Thus, with us, even if two clients are taking the same winches, have the scope to modify or custom the products in a style that it would not be exactly identical with the other products from the similar category. The capacity of improvisation makes the winches more effective and desired to the clients.

Aside the facts of superior product quality, its utility and unique features, we always had our focus on giving a cost-effective solution to the clients. Thus, with us the clients get the most economic quotes that come without the slightest compromises on the quality of ourCable Pulling Winches.

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