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The best Cable pulling machines are the finest quality equipments that are not only reliable and efficient for the purpose and also provide you with the very best cost effective method of laying all your cables for various years to come. They are durable, long lasting as well as safe to use as well. Some of the best cable pulling winches are designed as per your requirements and customized accordingly as per your requirements. They are required for various projects in off site as well as onsite projects.

The different specifications of a cable drum trailer

Axle Type: Single Axle, Payload (Approx): 830Kgs, Gross Vehicle Weight: 1100Kgs, Maximum Drum Width: 1075mm, Drum Diameter: 1070mm Max, 570mm Min,Spindle Diameter: 50mm,Tow Eye/Coupling Height Unladen: 50/590, Trailer Width: 1925mm
Towing Speed: 100Kmh, Tyres: 155/80R-13, Brake System: Overrun Auto Reverse

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