Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailers 20 TONS

Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailers 20 TON

What is a cable drum trailer used for

A cable drum trailer is used for safe loading as well as transportation of cable drums and unreeling of cables from the cable drums that weigh almost up to 5000 kgs. They are available in a variety of sizes. They are used for transferring of heavy cable drums from one project site to another. They are study enough to carry heavy cable wires that are made of copper or synthetic materials.

Specifications in technical prospects

The cable drum trailers are strong and hard and capable enough to carry 4250Kg gross weight. The cable drums diameters 750-3000 mm with a hydraulic pump with a standard norm. It has a heavy duty metal suspension that helps it to carry on smooth procedures. All cable drum trailers consist of mechanical security lock. They also comprise of the safety parking brakes with EU braking and lighting systems.This is also useful for protection.

What are these trailers fitted with?

Cable drum trailers are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump operated lift and lower system as per the standard rules and regulations.  This whole unit is raised and mechanically locks and drums so that it ensures safety and protection during the action.Apart from that, all the cable drum trailers are fitted with auto reverse braking and full lighting in compliance with the safety rules. You can hire some of the best cable drum trailers  for most efficient on site use.

There are various kinds of cable drum trailer among which the TMTR 8, TMTR 10 ,and TMTR 12, and most in use. They are equipped with braking as well as road lighting systems and is designed in a way so that it can carry heavy loads and travel at a certain speed.The trailers are fitted with a hydraulic hand pump that makes travelling safe and secured on smooth roads.The trailers also comprise of mechanical security lock for protection.

Cable drum trailers by cable pulling machines

We have  a wide range of useful equipments and accessories that are made with the best quality material so that it is durable and long lasting.Our cable drum trailers are of various shapes and sizes and they are well equipped to carry enough loads.They have all the features that are required for smooth action in a project as well.Our cable drum trailers can carry various sizes of drums according to the size of the drums.You can shop for some of the best  Cable drum trailers  from our equipment shop.Our products are affordable, reliable, safe and good quality as well.Visit us for a number of cable pulling equipments.

Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailers 20 TONS

Hydraulic Cable Drum Trailer 20 TONS