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Duct Coupling Device

There are two disadvantages of standart plastic pipe coupling devices for people who is blowing cable. One of them is coupling two pipes each other takes too much time and the other one is you can not take out plastic pipe coupling device after cable blowing inside the coupling device.You can take it out only by cutting it means that you can use it only once. Allame is designed and produced steel duct coupling devices to solve these problems. You will work much more efficient with these tools.

HDPE Cable Duct Fittings Connectors - 01 duct coupling device

HDPE Cable Duct Fittings Connectors

This cutting job has lot’s of disadvantages for cable blowing persons.
1) Wasting time.
2) Hard to work in duct.
3) Bad image by cuting ducts

Duct coupling device


You can not take out standart couplers after cable blown inside the coupler. You can only take it out by cutting.because it is not dividing by hinge mechanism. Cutting coupler take lots of time and of course it will be rubbish after cutting. Allame desigh can easily take out without cutting any thing and you can use it many times.

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