Fiber blowing machines – FOK machines

Fiber Optic Cable diameter range : 9mm-18mm (up to 20mm)

Our standard FOK production is for 32mm,40mm and 50 mm duct dia. We can produce regulating parts for various diametres.These parts can be used for less diametres. For higher duct diametres exit box duct diameter must be lathed for your duct diameter. You will need different regulating parts for different diametres. You must inform your duct diameter with your order.
We have two types of machines for cable diameters. These standard cable diameter ranges are 9mm-13mm and 13mm-18mm .You
must inform your cable diameter and diameter range with your order.We can send you spare parts for your various cable diameters(pallette etc.).

NOTE: This parts are just for classify that we can produce our machine for different cable diametres.

Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

FOK-Cablejet-fiber-blowing-machines fiber blowing machines


FOK : Fibre Optical Cable blowing machine
CONTROL : By technician
NEEDED AIR : 12 bar 10.5 m³/min.(duct 40 hdp)
AIR ENGINE : Double effective, 740 watt (2 pieces)
NEEDED AIR FOR MOTORS: 6 Bar-1.6m³/min.
LAY DOWN POWER : 80~85 Kg.
DIMENSIONS (width x length x height) : 365mm x 330mm x 540mm

About Us!

Is the exclusive authorized producer and vendor of fibre optic cable blowing machines (FOK) in Turkey. KOSMAK Co. has
patent (NO:TR 2007 01074 Y) for special FOK design. We improve our FOK with feedbacks from FOK users. We make it
more useful for our customers SINCE 1999. More less 300.000 km fibre optic cable installed all around the world. We want to
share our FOK with the whole world.