Air Blowing Machines

Fiber optic cable diameter range : 1mm-6mm

Blowing Machines is designed  and produced with feedbacks  from users who  has specialty on cable blowing technologies.  Blowing Machines is using to blow cables from 1mm to 6 mm. You need to give us duct diameters in your project before ordering machine.

*Cable blowing  group is blowing cable  in duct with controlling by electric panel.

*You can control cable blowing speed and direction .

*You can see the distance of cable you  blowed from electric panel .

*The most important thing of machine is sensor design  which  prevents breaking of cable .

      Machine  stops before breaking of cable.

*Air regulater system is setting air pressure in duct and also you can open ,close air.

*You can put machine on desired place and height with high quality tripod table.

Machine                                    = Micro fiber optic cable blowing machine with electric.

Control                                       = Technician.

Needed electricity                      = City electric.

Needed air                                  = 15 bar -1 metercup/minute (NOTE=It can be changed to the different factors)

Cable blowing speed                  = 0 to 50 meter/minute

Dimensions of machine             = 30 cm * 40cm * 15cm

Dimensions of box                     = 71 cm * 45cm * 42cm

Weight of machine with box      = 28 kg

Use fiber optic blowing for installation

The new generation of telecommunication depends on the reliability of fiber optics. This cable is different in functionality than the other conventional cabling in networking. To handle the cable connection you need to use the modern machinery like Fibre optic cable blowing machine. This machine works very effectively in any type of fiber optic cable installation project. Whether it’s a single building networking or long distance most of the telecom companies use the air blowing machine which drastically change the human labor and time needed to install.

By using this modern machine you can cut cost and manpower and make the work of fiber optic cable installation easier and simple. According to the expert this machine also reduces the risk. Coming to the flaw of fiber optic cabling the Fibre optic cable blowing machine has proven its efficiency. Now cabling through narrow ducts is not at all a tough job as an air blowing technology does the job without any networking flaw.

At the same time of Fiber Optic Cable Jetting Machines which also being used by the professional to establish under surface fiber optic cable connection also reduces the complexity of the process. These blowing machines work on constant power supply which is inbuilt into the machine and the operator has to control the speed of air blowing in various cases. Previously there were many risks involved in the installation process of fiber optic as the cable works on optical lights which is dangerous to health. Now more efficient connection can be made with less effort and risk.