Cable Pulling Machines – 5 Tons

  Power cable 5000kg towing capacity, this machine is the most important feature is the possibility of adjusting the cable pulling force.

Although tensile strength 5000kg If the precision and, for example, if we have a cable with 750 kg if requested withdrawal from the machine by adjusting the tensile strength of 750 kg can do more than that on the power cord can prevent it. Cable Pulling Machines

ANT has 18 hp diesel engine. 10 mm is 350 mt of steel wire rope. Works with fully hydraulic system is very easy to use and perfect.

Cable Pulling Machines

  • Model
  • Engine Power
  • Tensile Strength
  • Rope Length
  • Weight
  • Hydraulic AAL5T
  • 18Hp
  • 5000 kg/kw
  • 350 m
  • 750 kg

Hydraulic cable pulling winches

The importance of Hydraulic cable pulling winches

A hydraulic cable pulling winch is extensively used for pulling electrical cable lines for underground cabling jobs. They are hydraulically operated and thus require no external pressure. They comprise of an internal engine and printer.

What are the advantages of using a hydraulic cable pulling machine

Since the cable pulling winches are operated hydraulically they have less speed and thus can take on any kind of sudden jerks while the cable is being pulled. The machine is operated with the help of a double capstan due to which the speed is constantly controlled and monitored. The whole unit is provided with a wire rope that helps in laying the wire on the drum very accurately.

The technical specifications

Hydraulic cable pulling winches comprise of a canopy that helps in protecting the unit properly. They also have a rope guide mechanism that helps in proper laying down on the wire rope. Since they are controlled by hydraulic pressure, they ensure smooth flow of the process. The load as well as the speed of the machine can be set as per your requirements and in case the speed limit exceeds, the unit will trip. The cable pulling machine is fixed with a control panel and can be towed anywhere with the help of wheels.

Uses of a hydraulic cable pulling machine

Our  hydraulic cable pulling machine helps to pull cables underground in a smooth and effective manner. Since they are self powered no manual force is required. You can get a great deal of effective as well as reliable hydraulic cable pulling winches which are safe and has all the required safety features. They are definitely the best in the industry and you can be rest assured that our machines would give you all that you require for smooth functioning of a project.

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