Hydraulic Cable Pulling Machines – 2 TONS

Power cable 2000kg towing capacity, this machine is the most important feature is the possibility of adjusting the cable pulling force.

Although tensile strength 2000kg If the precision and, for example, if we have a cable with 250 kg if requested withdraw from the machine by adjusting the tensile strength of 250 kg can do more than that on the power cord can prevent it.

There are 9 hp Honda engines. 10 mm is 350 mt of steel wire rope. Works with fully hydraulic system is very easy to use and perfect.

Width: 1400mm Length: 2500mm Height: 800mm

Cable Pulling Machines 2 TONS
  • Model
  • Motor HP
  • Pulling Force
  • Rope Lenght
  • Weight
  • AAL2T
  • 9 hp
  • 2000 kg/kw
  • 350 m
  • 400 kg

Hydraulic cable pulling winches

What are the various features of Hydraulic Cable Pulling Winches?

A hydraulic cable pulling machine is one of the most popular equipments that are in demand by various industrial firms who are into projects as well as constructions. They are used primarily for all kinds of underground cable work

The various characteristic of hydraulic cable pulling machines

The most important feature of a hydraulic cable pulling machine is, since it is hydraulically operated, they move really slow and can thus avert any kind of sudden unforeseen accidents. You can browse for  some of the best hydraulic pulling cable winches that comprise of a printer and a combustion machine.

What the machine comprises of – the technical specifications

These  machines consist of a canopy that protects the unit from any kind of damage from rain or storm. They have a rope guide mechanism as well that is required for perfect lying of the rope. The hydraulics also help in smooth functioning of the process. No other electrical power is required as the whole energy is drained out from the battery itself. It is a great machine for pulling cables electrically and it has all kinds of safety features as well.

A wire rope is provided from the rope that helps in holding the drum which keeps all the ropes wound on it and thus in control. It helps in doubling the speed of the capstan if required. The whole unit is provided with a rope that helps in proper laying of the rope in the drum. The whole unit is fixed with a control panel to supply the required data to set the speed in the system. It can also cut off in situations of over load and over a speed that are activated by sensors. Our Hydraulic cable pulling winches are one of the specialties of our store at cable pulling machines.

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Our hydraulic cable pulling winches are long lasting and durable and can last for a long period of time.They are the ebst equipments that can help in pulling heavy loads from one place to another.The best thing about our machines is that they are affordable and durable as well.

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