Cable Pulling Machines – 12 Tons

Power cable pulling capacity 12000kg most important feature of this machine, cable pulling force is that of the possibility of adjusting.

Although tensile strength 12000kg If the precision and, for example, if we have a cable with 4000 kg if it is desired to withdraw from the machine by adjusting the tensile strength of 4000 kg is able to come to power on the cable can prevent more than that.

35 hp diesel engine has LONBARD. 14 mm is 500 mt of steel wire rope. Works with fully hydraulic system is very easy to use and perfect.

Digital cable pull through automation power, control-panel cable lengths can be followed from such information. Cable Pulling Winches

  • Model
  • Engine HP
  • Tensile Strength
  • Rope Length
  • Weight
  • AA12T
  • 35 hp
  • 12000 kg/kw
  • 500 m
  • 1800 kg
Cable Pulling Winches Manufacturer

Cable Pulling Capstan Winches

Top 3 questions to ask before buying the Cable Pulling Winches

Buying the Cable Pulling Winches are matters of significant investment and hence, you require ensuring that you would get the perfect value returned for your money. The article had discussed the top 3 parameters to check while intending the order for the winches. Better to say, the winches are offered complies with all the ideal parameters.

Are the winches portable?

Before you invest on the Cable Pulling Winches, raise the question as if the winch that you are about to buy is offering you enough portability. The most advanced grades of the winches, like the one we offer, have the portability that the users can tether the winches on any solid framework, may it be a tree, a rock or even a poll. The winches you get with us never carry any static linking to the vehicle and hence, you can carry the winch as per your needs and choices.

Technical specifications

The  winch comes with specifications of Line Tension: 500Kgs (760mm diameter capstan) for fibre optic cables.
Line Tension: 1000Kgs (380mm diameter capstan) for sub duct and general cabling.
Rope Speed: 55mtrs/minute 760mm capstan
26mtrs/minute 380mm capstan

Console mounted line tension indicator with pre-set limiting facility. Available with either 13hp Petrol or Water Cooled Diesel Engine.
Emergency stop device fitted as standard.

Are the winches powerful?

It is equally important that the winches you buy have the capacity to pull the weight as required in your case.  The winches that we offer carry capacities up to 4000 KGS and on that; the capacities of the framework can be raised even more than the double of the standard load bearing power.

Is the winch lighter in weight and provide the pull at faster pace?

Another important aspect that you need to be very sure before buying ourCable Pulling Winches is whether if the winches are lighter in weight and can produce fast-paced pull. In case our winch gets heavier, the portability would be affected and it would abnormally escalate the weight of the vehicle. Alternatively, should it not provide fast-paced pull, you would loose the operating speed. The winches we manufacture are extremely lightweight and can produce pulling at very high speed.