Fiber optic cable blowing machines for blowing fibre optic cables.

MiniFOK Minijet fiber optic cable blowing machine cable blowing equipment

Cable blowing equipment

The latest medium of high speed data transfer is known as Fiber Optic Cable. In the whole world this cable is vastly used to provide internet connection in high speed and in an inexpensive way. This is the new generation wire which is built in optic technology which boosts the data transfer rate to a much higher level. Most of the network provider companies in telecom sector use this optic cable to establish noiseless ultra speed connections. This type of cable generally has a thick coating which keeps it safe from external disturbance.

MiniFOK Minijet fiber optic cable blowing equipment  cable blowing equipment

MiniFOK Minijet fiber optic cable blowing machine equipment

The fiber optic wire technology is based on multiple color combinations which refers to several operations and needed to connect with the equipments. The main equipments used to install fiber optic connection need several small and big Cable blowing equipment. This equipment works on hydraulic air pressure technology. There are some international regulations enforced by using these equipments while installing fiber cable connection in a locality.

Cable blowing equipment

A quality fiber optic cable has many micro cables which work simultaneously to transfer the data from one place to another in high speed and less noise. The quality of this cable depends on the transfer rate and performance. You can find multiple fiber cables which are different in nature and colors for distinguishing and installation purpose. The infrared light which is used to transfer data in lighting speed is the main objective of this type of cable which carries the light from one place to another with less resistance and higher speed. – Cable blowing equipment

fiber-optics fiber optics

Fiber optics

These days cables being used in almost every network service company whether it’s a small local agency or a big network service provider. The latest high speed fiber optic wires are capable of providing lightning speed in a very decent cost. In every household these cables are used to connect telecommunication and internet connection. There are several mechanisms used by the operators to establish a strong connection through fiber optics.

fiber optics fiber optics

fiber optics

The main phases of a well established fiber optic connection are handling, cabling, and installation which requires several operations and some machines like Cable Blowing Machines, air blowing machine, etc. according to the new standards of ANSI there are many safety measures which you have to follow while installing a fiber optic connection in an area. While installing the connection the machines and fiber optic wires have to be tested through several standardized processes.
The main reason of using Fiber Optic Cable is the reliable quality and super fast data transmission rate. In case of long distance connection between server and local agency or household this special optical able serve very efficiently. The main types of optical fiber are conductive, non-conductive, general use, plenum, conductive rise and many more. The price of optic fiber depends on the quality and speed of data transfer.


An efficient fiber optic connection installation needs many considerations and use of expensive machines. Most of the fiber optic connections are established mainly through underground channels which needs tricks and exact machines to accomplish the job.

air blowing machine air blowing machine

Air blowing machine can blow from 1mm up to 30mm Fiber optic cables performs the blowing process. The greater the air supplied to the tube during this operation so comfortable cable blowing operation is performed.

For example, use an air compressor to blow 8bar is here and would like a pipe 32mm 12mm Fiber Optic Cable. You may not yield a high level. Because the pipe diameter grows, it is worth noting that the amount of air to be blown into the pipe. So, the fiber optic cable to friction is proportional to the amount of air supplied to the pipe.

If you use a 12 bar compressor under the same conditions lead to blowing process will be longer and easier. Our recommendation would be to use a minimum of 12 bar compressor.

air blowing machine air blowing machine

air blowing machine

Air blowing machine

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We suggest minimum 12 BAR 10.5 m^3 / minutes air compressor for better results.

Blown fibre installation Blown fibre installation

What is Blown fibre installation

Blown fiber to the right target through the pre-loaded tubes ‘coup’ life is a process that is used to install the fiber optic core with compressed air. Less breakage, stress and wasted this system results in significantly reduces the cost of creating the network. It also provides a more flexible design and large capital expenditure and has better reliability while helping to minimize network planning easy.

Blown fibre installation Blown fibre installation

Blown fibre installation

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Blown fibre installation

fiber optic cable blowing machines Blowing Machines

Blowing Machines

The most important point is Cable Blowing Machines ! If your machine give strong air to the duct it will be better.

Fiber optic blowing machine is used for blowing fiber cables completely. Firstly you need to check your cable diameters for selection of the right machine. If you prefer your cable diameter suitable machine you will get very good results.

Secondly, it is vital to the air compressor. Because your cable blowing process have much air pressure it will be easier to blowing fibres.

In mind all this information will make your fiber optic blowing process ends successfully for your job.

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Fibre optic cable blowing machines Kosmak OFC Blowing Machines

OFC Cable Blowing Machines from KOSMAK MAKINA ALLAME .

MicroFOK : Can blow between diameters from 1mm to 4mm.

MicroFOK : Can blow between diameters from 4mm to 12mm.

MicroFOK : Can blow between diameters from 8mm to 22mm.

Fibre optic cable blowing machines Kosmak OFC Blowing Machines

Fibre optic Cable Blowing Machines Kosmak

Hydrofok : Can blow between diameters from 9mm to 30mm optical fibres. Also you can blow multi cables or tubes with this machine. We’ll give you with hydraulic power pack included the machine. You can get extra power with this machine.

Note : All of our machines are our own manufacturing

تركيب الألياف البصرية fiber optic installation

Fiber optic installation

fiber optic installation fiber optic installation

fiber optic installation

Fiber Optic Cable installation should be Cable Blowing Machines. Cause the human power can be broken the fiber cable. When you use the strong compressor that we suggest min 12 bar^3/min. So it will be better. If you have question you can ask!

Fibre optic cable blowing machines Kosmak cable blowing machine price

Cable Blowing Machine Price

Manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative design fish tape, cable blowing machine, blowing ofc, Fiber Optic Cable channels and embedded channels for faster and easier installation of wire and cable machinery, cable channels and Fiber  blowers. (cable blowing machine price)

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The installation of network with fiber optic cable needs specialized machines in use. Most of the operators who deal with huge projects of fiber optic within an area or building generally use Fibre optic cable blowing machine which is the most recent and latest technology of installing a network effectively. Previously, manuallabor was needed to establish a long distance underground network of fiber optic cable to establish a telecommunication channel, but with changing technology, there are several machines came into the picture which is capable to handle any distance or complex installation with less human effort.

Fiber optic cable is known as the most reliable and powerful cable which used in high speed data transfer. The main technology is quite different than other cables. When this cable need to be passed through the secured duct in the network it needs especial optic cable blowers which handle the cable efficiently and keep the cable safe from other hazards. Keeping it mind an air blowing machine or jet machine have the control of air compressor which is applied, depending upon the need of speed in the fiber optic blowing process. – cable blowing machine price.

There are different types of Fiber optic cables are in use in the commercial telecommunication purposes. The speed, cable layers also vary from one kind to another.  Fibre optic cable blowing machine gives the power to control the pressure of air by controlling the hydraulic motor speed. There are many types of Cable Blowing Machines with cable blowing machine price available and used depending on the volume of the installation.

cable blowing machine price

Cable Jetting Equipments Fiber optic cable installation equipment

Why fiber optic cable blowing machines or Fiber optic cable installation equipment?

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Hydrofok superjet cable blowing machines cable jetting

Cable Jetting procedures

Cable Jet Machineting is the most of powerfull technologies for the cable blowing  methods.

First of all you should know your Fiber Optic Cable diameters. Because if it’s smaller you need to less power for blowing process. Read more