How can you understand a good cable drum trailer manufacturer?

The most vital thing that you should search for  in a cable drum trailer manufacturer is conviction, dependability and superiority of goods and equipments sold. We have some of the best cable drum trailer that is hardy and sturdy and robust as well. Each and every machine, cable drum trailer comprises of high pulling tension wires ad mechanical breaks that help in locking the drum for protection. Each and every unit is worked out in a precise way.

We ensure that all our equipments are road worthy and are safe and pre registered by the government. It not only helps customers be relaxed and satisfied, but also ensures that customers can also register their Cable Drum Trailer anywhere in the country.

The different kinds of cable drums.

There are various kinds of cable drums that are available as per customer requirements.Cable drums are required for on site as well as off site projects. There are a variety of cable drum trailers among which the TMTR 100, TMTR 50 and TMTR 30 are most commonly used among so many. They are ready with braking as well as road lighting systems and is intended in a system so that it can carry heavy loads and travel at a definite speed. Cable drum trailers

The trailers are built-in with a hydraulic hand pump that makes travelling safe and secured on smooth roads.The trailers also comprise of mechanical security lock for protection. All cable drum trailer are engineered in a robust manner and are also fitted with some of the most powerful and heavy duty engines that power hydraulic transmission for a smooth pull and hassle free performance. Cable drum trailers

Cable Drum Trailers cable drum trailers

Cable Drum Trailers

Energy Cable Drum Trailers cable drum trailers

Cable Drum Trailers

The cable drum trailers are powered by hydraulic extensions that helps heavy loads to be transported from one place to another. The trailer is used in a versatile way, making it very popular in all industries.

Each of the cable drum trailers have great handling capabilities, because of the twin axle assemblies. It helps in simple loading and unloading process with the help of loading.They are ideal for pipe coils, micro tube drums as well as skips.