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Cable Blowing Machine Price

Manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative design fish tape, cable blowing machine, blowing ofc, Fiber Optic Cable channels and embedded channels for faster and easier installation of wire and cable machinery, cable channels and Fiber  blowers. (cable blowing machine price)

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The installation of network with fiber optic cable needs specialized machines in use. Most of the operators who deal with huge projects of fiber optic within an area or building generally use Fibre optic cable blowing machine which is the most recent and latest technology of installing a network effectively. Previously, manuallabor was needed to establish a long distance underground network of fiber optic cable to establish a telecommunication channel, but with changing technology, there are several machines came into the picture which is capable to handle any distance or complex installation with less human effort.

Fiber optic cable is known as the most reliable and powerful cable which used in high speed data transfer. The main technology is quite different than other cables. When this cable need to be passed through the secured duct in the network it needs especial optic cable blowers which handle the cable efficiently and keep the cable safe from other hazards. Keeping it mind an air blowing machine or jet machine have the control of air compressor which is applied, depending upon the need of speed in the fiber optic blowing process. – cable blowing machine price.

There are different types of Fiber optic cables are in use in the commercial telecommunication purposes. The speed, cable layers also vary from one kind to another.  Fibre optic cable blowing machine gives the power to control the pressure of air by controlling the hydraulic motor speed. There are many types of Cable Blowing Machines with cable blowing machine price available and used depending on the volume of the installation.

cable blowing machine price

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  1. fibre optic cable blowing machines
    fibre optic cable blowing machines says:

    Hi Keith ;

    We sent all details to your e-mail adress. Please check it.

    We are waiting your news.

    Best Regards;

    FOK Sales Team / Fiber Blowing Machines

  2. Johan Knoetze
    Johan Knoetze says:

    please send me a qoute on machine with and with out compressor with all attachments for differwnt size cables


    • fibre optic cable blowing machines
      fibre optic cable blowing machines says:

      Dear Johan; Thanks for your interested in our machines. We have no air compressor. And we are manufacturing only blowing machines & Pulling machines and accesoriess. I sent all details about cable blowing machines to your e-mail adress. Please check.

      We are waiting your news.

      Best Regards,
      Sales Team

  3. Karl Matuschka
    Karl Matuschka says:

    Please send me a qoute on a machine with/without the compressor and with all the accessories for differwnt cable and microduct sizes.


  4. Tinashe Matanda
    Tinashe Matanda says:


    I’m intrested with a fiber blowing machine and splicing machinne to use in Zimbabwe could you send me your the one you recomend, before discussed it with one of you team, but lost contacts and forgot the name please include all accessories ! I have my own compressors so don’t include compressor send to my email pictures and quote


    Samurai systems and equipment

    Tinashe Matanda

  5. Yassin
    Yassin says:

    please, I need to know how much price for cable blowing machine and how many cable size support
    second issue how much price for lubricate for one litter
    many thanks to allow me this opportunity

  6. Yasser Masoud
    Yasser Masoud says:


    Please send me the Price list and all technical details of your Blowing machines include Accessories if any.


  7. Naeem
    Naeem says:


    We are Dubai based distribution company. We have requirement of Fiber optic blowing machine for cable size 9-14.5mm and duct size 28 & 32mm (OD). Please quote your best possible price C&F Dubai.


  8. Janet
    Janet says:


    we are in Zimbabwe kindly send us price and pictures of the following microfok and mini fok blowing machines with the following specifications:
    1. Mini fok Blowing machinewith below specs:
    – fibre Optic cable diameter range: 4mm-12mm
    – controll by technician
    – duct diameter : 10mm to 40 mm
    – cable diameter : 5mm to 12mm
    – needed air: minimum 12 bar – 10.5 metercup / minute
    – dimensions: 44cm*36cm*59cm
    – weight : 50kg
    – cable installing velocity: 0-30-50 meter/minute
    – direction: forward and backward
    – mechanical cable meter indicator
    – cable pusher belt can change easily

    2. Microfok Blowing Machine with the below specs:
    -Fiber optic cable diameter range: 1mm-6mm
    – control by technician
    – needed air : 8 bar 6m/Min.(Minimum)
    – Weight 20kg

    Thank you

  9. Zivanai Makurira
    Zivanai Makurira says:

    l also need a cable blowing machine could you please send me prices, at for 10km and an average speed of 80-100m /min
    PowerFlow Specifications:

    Cable Diameter: 8-25 mm
    Into Ducts: 18-70 mm
    Blowing Distance: < 10 km
    Max. Speed: 80 m/min


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