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Hydraulic Power Unit

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Micro Duct Blowing

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FOK Blowing Machine

Fiber Cable Blowing Machines

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Fiber Cable Blowing Machines technology for better world. You can save your time with our fibre Cable Blowing Machines. Better job start better plan. Act Now!


You should get better result on your fiber optic project. That’s why you should use fibre blowing machine technologies. We will suggest right machine  for your project. Let’s start via contact form!

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The process of working of a fibre blowing machines!

The process of fibre blowing machines while establishing…
SuperJet Cable Blowing Machines

The safe use of blown fiber optic machine

Blown Fiber Optic The most efficient technology used for fiber…

Cable Pulling winches prices

Cable Pulling Machines

A Cable Pulling Winches are powered by a motor which is maneuvered by diesel and comprises of a storage drum which is fitted by non spin wire ropes. It can be operated by a single person with the help of rollers, swivels and pulling socks.

All the components are manufactured in-house and ensure the best quality for the customers. The winches are finished with standard paints or are galvanized and powder coated.

A hydraulic cable pulling machine is one of the most popular equipments that are in demand by various industrial firms who are into projects as well as constructions. They are used primarily for all kinds of underground cable work

Cable Drum Trailers

The Cable Drum Trailers are powered by hydraulic extensions that helps heavy loads to be transported from one place to another. The trailer is used in a versatile way, making it very popular in all industries.

Each of the cable drum trailers have great handling capabilities, because of the twin axle assemblies. It helps in simple loading and unloading process with the help of loading.They are ideal for pipe coils, micro tube drums as well as skips.

Energy Cable Drum Trailers

Fibre blowing machines

Microduct fiber cable blowing machines fibre blowing machines

fiber cable blowing machines


The concept of blowing machines and Cable Jetting Machines machines is totally based on the latest hydraulic and pressured air system which means less human labor and less cost. The fiber cable blowing machines is used to establish the Fiber Optic Cable connection through the duct. The range of fiber optic cable from 1 mm to 30 mm can be blown through fiber cable blowing machines that means through this single machine you can do most of the networking very easily. The simple controlling process of the air compressor can be increased or decreased according to the need.

fibre blowing machines

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